Donations are desperately needed to help cover our expenses for food, supplies, and veterinary costs. Every rabbit that comes in to our care must be spayed or neutered!

Email Money Transfers: 
We also accept email money transfers, just send to

Donate Directly to Sunrise Animal Hospital: Our main expense is our veterinary costs.  If you would prefer to donate directly to Sunrise Animal Hospital, we have an account set up there under Hoppy Homes Rescue.  You can donate with a credit card over the phone or in person at either the Torbay Road or Park Place locations.

Make a Donation via PayPal:
You can easily make a donation to the rescue via PayPal. PayPal allows you to use your PayPal account or your credit card to make a donation. Just click and donate!

Donate Now Through!

You can also mail donations to us at P.O.Box 28015 Avalon Mall, St. John’s, NL A1B 4J8. Please make cheques or Money Orders payable to Hoppy Homes Rescue.

Save Your Small Change: Save your small change and donate to the rescue. Any small amount counts to help the animals and every cent that is donated adds up.

Donation Banks: If you are a buiness owner or work in an establishment that allows donation banks, please let us know and we will gladly drop one off and pick it up when it’s full.


Small Animal Pellets & Hay:
We can always use donations of food. We prefer to use Martin pellets for rabbits and guinea pigs, but of course we will accept any type of pellets you would like to donate. Fresh timothy hay and mixed grass hay is also needed.

Leafy Greens:
Romaine lettuce and other greens are a big hit with the critters and a small amount of lettuce is a daily must to keep everyone happy.

Small Critter Bedding & Litter:
Another huge expense for the rescue is critter bedding and litter. Consider the number of animals we have in our care and you can just imagine the amount of bedding we go through!

Types of bedding & litter we use are:

  1. Yesterday’s News Cat Litter
  2. Small Animal Bedding (Carefresh, Crittercare)
  3. Wood stove pellets
  4. Aspen wood shavings

Small Animal Treats
A favorite of the critters is treat time! No matter what time of day,  they look forward to their treats. We use several different kinds but some of their favorite ones are dried fruits such as papaya and pineapple.


Donate Your Canadian Tire Money:
Save your Canadian Tire money and donate it to the rescue. We use this to buy supplies such as cleaners, paper towels, wood pellets for litter, etc. This is a great way for you to help the critters and an excellent way for us to cut cost of supplies.

Save Your Recyclables:
Save your recyclables and donate them to our rescue. We have an account set up at Everygreen Recycling in St. John’s, where you can drop off your recyclables and ask they be applied to Hoppy Homes Rescue account.

Donation Banks:
We have donation banks set up at the following locations:

  • Sunrise Animal Hospital, Mount Pearl
  • Critters n Things, Mount Pearl
  • Pet Zone, Torbay Road
  • Tropical Marine Pets, Torbay Road
  • Breen’s Locations
  • Circle K Locations
  • Parkside Convenience, Hussey Drive
  • Montana’s, Stavanger Drive
  • EB Games, Stavanger Drive
  • The Barking Lot in CBS


New or Used Cages & Play Pens:
Donations of new or used cages are needed to house small animals and birds–the more houses, the more little critters we can help! We also use puppy play pens or x-pens to give the rabbits time out of their cages for exercise or so they can spend some time outside on warmer days!

Litter Boxes:
Another thing we use a lot of is litter boxes. Every bunny has his or her own litter box. These are relatively inexpensive but the cost does add up with so many critters.

Critter Toys:
Another thing that most people wouldn’t think about is toys for the critters. Rabbits especially love to have toys that they can toss around and play with. You can buy actual rabbit toys or even shop in the baby section of your local store. Many baby toys are great for critters like toss rings, keys and rattles!

Cleaning Supplies:
Cleaning supplies and disinfectants are also a must for the rescue. We use Natures Miracle Cage Cleaner and paper towels.

Blankets and Towels:
We use blankets and towels for lining critters cages, to make them soft and comfy. We also use puppy pads.

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