Surrender Form

Please understand that we do not have a shelter. We work through a network of foster homes. We are all volunteers who make a living working regular jobs just like you. We cannot take in more animals than we can properly care for or have room to accommodate.

We can do a courtesy listing (list your pet on our facebook page) when we don’t have a free foster home to take your pet right away. In order for us to determine whether we can take in your animal, we need you to first tell us about your pet by filling out the form below.

We do ask a small surrender fee for taking a pet. This fee goes towards the care of these critters (example: for food, supplies, vet care, etc).
These fees are:

  • $30.00 – Rabbits
  • $20.00 – Guinea Pigs and Ferrets
  • $10.00 – Rats, Hamsters, and Gerbils

You should also try your best to find your pet a new home before contacting us. You can do this by placing ads in your local classifieds or posting flyers in local veterinary clinics and bulletin boards.

  • State your pets strong points (example: spayed or neutered, litter trained, friendly)
  • For rabbits, having your pet spayed or neutered will go a long way in helping find a suitable home.
  • Request a fee for your pet (never list your pet as “free to a good home”).
  • Offer the cage along with the pet.
  • Screen callers who answer your ad.
  • Ask about their previous pets (what happened to them), current pets, and why they want a pet.

Please explain your pets particular needs and how to care for them, to make sure the person interested can give them a good home. Please say no if you have any concerns that your pet will not be going to a suitable home.  It is possible to find a good home for your pet yourself, but it does take some time.

If you cannot find a suitable home for your pet, please fill out our surrender form (below) and we will do our best to help you by either listing your pet or finding them a suitable foster home.

Full Name

Where do you live?


Your Email

What type of pet are you surrendering?

If a rabbit, is it spayed or neutered?

Describe the animal and give details such as age, breed, color, sex, temperment:

Any health concerns you are aware of?

Does your pet come with its own cage?

Please tell us why you are surrendering your pet:

Are you aware of our surrender fee?

Any questions or concerns you would like to ask us about:

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